MIKK Murska Sobota is a youth cultural center established by local municipality in 1996.  Main goal is to enable grounds for development of youth work, youth culture, information and informal education, art and multimedia, social inclusion, international work and entertainment.
Our aim is to satisfy and change the needs of young people, to stimulate their active participation, creative ideas and networking, lateral thinking, expand their horizons, promote active citizenship and international cooperation.

Up to this day MIKK is the only public youth and cultural institution in the region, where program activities are held on daily basis. We’re open every day (except Sundays) from 8am to 10pm and in the afternoons we offer a diverse program and good infrastructural support for quality spending of leisure time. On Friday and Saturday we are opened longer because of events like concerts, thematic club evenings, exhibitions etc.

Our main activities are focused on youngsters between 15 and 30 years old. We also include other target groups: children between 7 and 14 years of age are visiting our children workshops and older people participate in activities, especially at round tables, lectures, seminars, cultural events. We could say MIKK is kind of intergenerational place.

MIKK provides also needed infrastructure and technical support for local youth organizations (NGO-s) and informal groups of young people and offers all necessary support for their creative work, non formal education and intercultural trainings, voluntary youth work, active citizenship and participation, international work, inclusion of unorganized youth, cultural creativities, social inclusion of youngsters with few opportunities, information and counseling for youth etc.

MIKK offers variety of interesting events and a broad spectrum of activities for youngsters: workshops, multimedia cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, theatre plays, lectures etc. During whole year workshops for guitar, drums and painting are taking place. Other workshops, which are taking place occasionally are: up- cycling/re-cycling, 3D animation, sound engineering, photography, video, animation, street art etc. Some interesting festivals which MIKK (co)produces are: International contemporary Dance festival Front@, Grossmann fantastic film and wine festival, Jö Poletje (2 months of summer festival events of different practices: music, theatre, dance, gastronomy evenings, cinema under the stars, workshops etc.). 

MIKK is situated in the medieval castle in the town park, the green center of Murska Sobota, its premises in castle (about 500 square meters) include: main club venue for concerts, exhibitions, multimedia performances (fully equipped with stage, PA system and stage lights), conference and meeting room for
40 people, offices for local youth organizations, coffee bar/internet cafe, small art Odprto obrobje gallery (for young artists exhibitions) and castle inner yard.